Online CRO Unconference Part 2 – July 2nd, 2020

On Thursday, July 2nd we will organize our second online CRO Unconference and we invite you to join this event. If you like, you can also take the stage and share your story!

On May 14th we organized our first online CRO Unconference (Dutch summary) and due to the success of that first edition, we want to organize part 2.

During CRO Unconference Part 2, we want to hear your talk about your experience in CRO. Which learnings would you like to share? What is your best CRO tip or trick? We will host 4 talks, 10 minutes each. Please signup at the form below and we will let you know if you can host one of the time slots. If you don’t want to give a presentation that is fine too, of course. 

Next to your presentations we also host 2 Unconference sessions*. In small groups, you will get a chance to discuss your topics and challenges. 

Online Dialogue is known for its knowledge sharing and our willingness to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world of CRO. We often organize events where we invite people to talk about different topics and we share our own experiences.

Program for July 2nd, (entirely in English – time zone CEST)

3.00 pm – Welcome and introduction

3.05 pm – Plenary presentation no. 1 – Lucas Vos (Senior Conversion Specialist @ Videoland/RTL) – Title: 3 things we wanted to have learned or done earlier in our optimization program

3.15 pm – Plenary presentation no. 2 – Aruna Chawla (Brand Strategist & copywriter) – Title: Why so Wordy?: The Deal with Psychology and Words

3.25 pm – Unconference breakout session 1*

3.45 pm – Plenary presentation no. 3 – Kat Rutherford (Customer Experience Consultant) – Title: Optimization and Innovation in tough times

3.55 pm – Plenary presentation no. 4 – Arnout Hellemans (Senior Online Strategist) –  Title: CRO adoption; sharing 10 years of learnings

4.05 pm – Unconference breakout session 2*

4.25 pm – Closing & drinks

*What is an Unconference?

An unconference is a participant-driven meetup where attendees share their knowledge with other attendees in small breakout sessions. There is no set program, but you can choose several topics you would like to learn and talk about. These topics are filled in by the participants: you! 

For this event, we will be using Zoom, which gives us the possibility to work in different breakout sessions. Please fill out the registration form below and let us know if you would like to give a short presentation. 

We hope to see you on July 2nd!

Yes, I want to register for the online CRO Unconference:
Hosting your own presentation slot is no longer possible.

* Online Dialogue uses the data you provide on this form only for sending you more information regarding this event. Questions? Please contact us at

Desiree van der Horst - conversion manager

Er zijn twee dingen waar Desiree als conversie manager elke dag naar streeft: het creëren van blijdschap & het stimuleren van groei. Er zijn veel manieren om dit te doen, maar het verbinden van mensen is hierin de cruciale factor. Meedenken, goed luisteren, het voorzien van de juiste tools en sparren over diverse strategieën zijn daily business. Buiten kantoor loopt ze graag een rondje hard in haar mooie stad Breda, is ze gek op haar thuis-jungle (inclusief huistijger) en draait ze graag 60’s/70’s plaatjes op de platenspeler.