Bart Schutz at #gconvert17 in Dublin, November 9 – 2017

Hi! Thank you for visiting this overview page on the Conversions @ Google 2017 talk by Bart Schutz on
“Marshmallows & the Psychology behind Evidence Everything”.

If you liked Bart his content:
there is a 7 day online training course about how to persuade online users with Bart available now!

Bart his keynote slides

You can download the PDF with Bart his slides here for free or watch the Slideshare below.


Bart mentioned several tools in his talk, here is the overview:

  • Wheel of Persuasion – Resource on persuasion techniques that can be applied in online optimization.
  • A/B Test Guide calculators – To calculate sample sizes needed, to calculate Power levels and to calculate testing bandwidth.
  • Smart Notifications – to add persuasive messages to your website, automatically shows the best messages to the right users.

If you want to work with Bart and the Online Dialogue team to optimize your conversions faster and/or embed this data driven way of growing into your organization:
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