DiDo#42: The role of the Product Owner in Experimentation


When organizations are growing in data-driven maturity, validation is crucial. A/B tests, feature testing, discovery sprints, you name it. This goes further than just the CRO/UX team and it is always a big tug of war to divide resources.

Lets be honest, CRO specialists want to test e-ve-ry-thing (bye speed), Product Owners need their features built and backlog empty (bye validation) and managers are responsible for the commercial goals of the organization (bye priority). They are always pulling on each other. Stakeholder management is crucial.

The central role in this dilemma is the one of the Product Owner. To get experimentation from the CRO team to multiple product teams, you need these gatekeepers on your experimental side.

And that is precisely what this DiDo is all about. We’re looking at validation from 3 different perspectives with the role of PO in the middle. What does each role need from the other in order to grow in business and innovation?

Thursday June 29
14.30 – 17.00 + Drinks afterwards
OD House @St. Jacobsstraat 31 Utrecht

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For who?

The DiDo is intended for managers, product designers, PO’ers, (business) analysts, CRO specialists and consultants with a passion for knowledge sharing. We only allow participants from client side and no employees from agencies or freelancers.


14.30 – 15.00 Doors open

15.00 – 15.30 First talk

15.30 – 16.00 Second talk

16.00 – 16.15 Short break

16.15 – 16.45 Third talk

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Leonie Broekhuis – Product Owner @ Drukwerkdeal.nl
A PO perspective: how to increase the velocity & quality of the experimentation program. 
Drukwerkdeal has gone through quite a lot of change in the last year in shifting the experimentation process from the CRO team to CRO + PO. Leonie talks about this journey from a product owner point of view. Which challenges did she face? Learn more from this years organization-wide winner of the experimentation culture awards!
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Simone Neeling – CRO specialist @ VodafoneZiggo
A CRO perspective: what and who do you need in order to make a succes out of your CRO programm? 

CRO specialists are always optimizing sites, apps, platforms, etc. But what do you need to optimize your own experimentation program and from whom? Simone shows the growth that VodafoneZiggo has experienced by optimizing optimization.

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Alexandre Suon Perhirin – Head of Experimentation @ Accor

A managerial perspective: how do we keep experimentation embedded when experimentation becomes a product?
In a rapidly changing organization with multiple companies, teams and websites, there is always a gap in knowledge and continuity somewhere. Alex gives his vision on experimentation as a product. How can you grow this in a stable way?

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What part of PO/CRO/Managerial stakeholder management do you find most difficult and why?

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Desiree van der Horst - conversion manager

Er zijn twee dingen waar Desiree als conversie manager elke dag naar streeft: het creëren van blijdschap & het stimuleren van groei. Er zijn veel manieren om dit te doen, maar het verbinden van mensen is hierin de cruciale factor. Meedenken, goed luisteren, het voorzien van de juiste tools en sparren over diverse strategieën zijn daily business. Buiten kantoor loopt ze graag een rondje hard in haar mooie stad Breda, is ze gek op haar thuis-jungle (inclusief huistijger) en draait ze graag 60’s/70’s plaatjes op de platenspeler.