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Hans and Reinier talked at GAUC 2020 about how you can automate your work connecting Google Analytics with your spreadsheets. Hopefully their story and examples inspired you to do the same.

To help you get started and build your own tools from scratch, some of their most useful links and giveaway templates are shared with you here below.

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Useful links

Query Explorer
Connect your Google Analytics account and learn how your segments are built so you can use and customize them yourself.

Dimensions Metrics Explorer
A helpful tool that lists and describes all of the dimensions and metrics available through Google Analytics reporting API.

Free giveaway templates

Funnel Analysis
A free version of our Google Sheets template to create funnels from your Google Analytics data, quick and easy.

Experiment Analysis
A free version of our Google Sheets template that helps you to report and analyze your experiments (A/B tests) faster.

Become a Beta tester!

Join us and become a Beta tester for our new A/B Test API. 

You can use it in your Google Sheets documents to automatically import the Bayesian chance that your A/B test variant (B) beats the control version (A). It’s as easy as that! Nobody likes repetitive work, right? 

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