Joost Fromberg at the Internet of Manufacturing in Munich, Germany, February 7 2018

Hi! Thanks for visiting this page where I’ve shared my slides from my talk at the Internet of Manufacturing conference 2018. If you’re interested, you can get in contact with me via Twitter, LinkedIn or email.

If you’re interested in consumer psychology and decision-making – there is an 8 day online psychology course available now!

Joost’s slides

You can download the PDF with the 41 slides here for free (<1 MB filesize).

External links

I’ve also mentioned a couple of things during my talk:
Online course in psychology: more than 500 people have already taken the online psychology course, where we dive into the human brain and decision making processes. And more importantly, how you can utilize these decision making processes. Find more here!

Smart Notifications: a tool where you can easily test assumptions. Don’t know what your most important USP is, or you think you know what bothers your customers? Test it with Smart Notifications by showing these notifications to your customers.

Rapid Asssumption Testing: this is a whole new mindset for a lot of people. Instead of just building something new and hope it will resonate, you want to test the assumptions that it will work better. Read more about this new method here.