Nathalie Nahai & Bart Schutz – #Eday13 (video & slides)


This article on Emerce Eday 2013 contains:
2 minutes of content to read
a 6 minute video interview with Nathalie & Bart
a 24 slides slideshare embed from Nathalie & Bart

Last week was the first Amsterdam e-Week and Online Dialogue was proudly part of it. Together with the Analytics & Optimization meetup group we organized “A night of Persuasion and Optimization” at the Optimizely HQ in Amsterdam. Slides & summary of this meetup will be posted soon on this website, stay tuned.


The main event of the Amsterdam e-Week is of course Eday. We created a powerful team with Nathalie Nahai and Bart Schutz to shine on this event. We met Nathalie back in Stockholm at Conversion Jam #3 this year. We had lots of fun and a great knowledge connection. Last week Nathalie came over from the UK and worked with us for the week. In this week we made it possible for the Eday audience to go on a date with 2 awesome web psychologists: Nathalie & Bart.


Golden ticket

The session was a success. We had a great presentation location: a canal boat! A max of 80 exclusive first come, first serve seats to take, 200 people showing up… We gave everyone that could not hop on board a “golden ticket”. Get yours now!



Nathalie and Bart were interviewed before their Eday session by Emerce / Sanoma. Of course it’s about persuasion and brains 🙂 Whatch it now!


If you would like to (re)see what they presented on (system 1 / system 2). Look below or download the PDF at our Slideshare location.

Ton Wesseling - founder

Trainer / consultant / lead voor conversie optimalisatie (CRO), digitale experimenten en A/B-testen. Meer informatie over Ton: Ton is de oprichter van Online Dialogue en nog altijd gepassioneerd CRO promoter via evenementen zoals Conversion Hotel en de Experimentation Culture Awards en platformen zoals ABtestguide en de Optimizers Community.